What is a Virtual Receptionist?

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Do you own a small business or a start-up that does not have the capital to pay a receptionist’s wages? Are you a business owner who wants to offer extended hours – without having to work them yourself? Or, are you just looking for a way to be able to better focus on the growth of your business by eliminating some of the routine, administrative tasks that are currently consuming your time? If so, Touch Communication’s virtual receptionist services may be the solution you’ve been waiting for!

The Answer to Your Administrative Challenges!

Virtual receptionists are the best solution for busy companies looking for ways to increase productivity and customer service. Not only does hiring a virtual receptionist eliminate the need for you to recruit, hire and train a receptionist yourself, but it will also play a major part in your business’ growth. There will no longer be a need to reserve office space for a full-time receptionist or worry about coverage during breaks and vacations. Virtual receptionists are trained to get to know your business, so they can represent it just like you would expect from a full-time staff member. Let us show you how Touch Communications’ virtual receptionists can make running your business much easier!

Providing Solutions for Your Business’ Needs

Touch Communications can provide the administrative solution your business requires. Since we do not have long-term contracts, you can easily hire a virtual receptionist for whatever time specification is required. Our account activation is easy, and all accounts are set-up and customized within approximately 24 hours. Since we offer around the clock service, it does not matter where your business is located. We promise that it won’t take long to see how hiring Touch Communications’ virtual receptionist service can benefit your business!

The Difference that Touch Communications Provides

Touch Communications is unlike its competitors in that we think outside the box. Instead of directly answering each call generically, our virtual receptionists will provide a voice for your company. They will consistently provide your clients with quality customer service, without them ever knowing that the person providing it is not located in your company’s office! The virtual receptionist that you use through Touch Communications will quickly become an extension of your business. Let Touch Communications provide your customers with a similar quality of customer service that they have come to appreciate from you!

Extended Customer Service Hours!

Gone are the days when business happened only between the hours of nine-to-five. Instead, today’s busy lives often result in customers requiring service outside of traditional business hours. Customers calling companies after hours and getting an answering machine for an answer can often result in potential lost business. One way of avoiding losing business to your competition is by hiring Touch Communications to provide a virtual receptionist service for your company. Not only can we offer your business extended customer service hours, but we can even provide you with 24/7 live answering service! Don’t let those unanswered calls go to your competition – call Touch Communications today or contact us on our Facebook page!

Learn More about Live Call Answering

The Benefits of a Live Call Answering Service for Entrepreneurs

A live call answering service can revolutionize your day to day workflow, especially for those entrepreneurs and start-ups with a virtual office. When it comes to running a start-up, you will spend a lot of time away from your desk. From taking meetings with other entrepreneurs to networking with other professionals, answering your phone can sometimes fall between the cracks. A live call answering service will prevent potential new business from getting left behind. Read on to learn about the benefits of a live call answering service for entrepreneurs and start-up companies!

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Reduce Overhead Costs

A live call answering service is an incredibly efficient technology that makes it possible for you to stay on top of incoming phone calls without disrupting your work day. At Touch Communications our professional virtual assistants answer your phones, with your business name, during working hours. Your calls are then forwarded to your cell phone. Better yet, you only take the calls you want. Your voicemail is accessible 24/7, and you never have to worry about missing a potential new client. A live call answering service makes it possible to reduce overhead expenses while maintaining the level professionalism you desire.

For many of our clients, a live call answering service complements their virtual office. A virtual office means that you can cut down significantly on staffing, rent, and overhead expenses. Without having to pay for square footage, you can redirect your funds towards purchasing the best possible equipment, traveling to meet new clients, and saving for your future. For many start-up companies, rent makes up one of the most significant expenses. By eliminating this expense, start up success is closer than ever.

Customized Live Answer Services

With Touch Communications you choose the services you want. We work with you to cater a live answer set of services that fit your budget as well as your business style. Touch Communications provides professional call answering services, before transferring the necessary calls to your cell phone. Using email/SMS, you will either be contacted with the date, time, and name of the caller, or the call will be transferred to you directly. One of the many benefits of a live answering service is that your clients will never know that you are not sitting at your desk.

Professional Virtual Assistant Services

At Touch Communications, we provide professional virtual receptionist services to each and every one of our clients. The virtual assistants who provide the live call answering services are well versed in your industry. Acting upon your instructions, our virtual assistants will either direct your calls or take messages. The beauty of a call answering service is that you can adapt these instructions to suit your daily schedule.

To learn more about Touch Communications’ live call answering service, contact us today! We look forward to customizing a package to suit your start up company’s unique set of needs.