Is it Time to Find a New Live Answering Service?

There is no doubt that an answering service can be a real benefit to businesses that might not be able to afford or that may not require a full-time receptionist. A live answering service should make your business better, save you money, and help you with your brand image. But just as in any other industry, there are live call answering providers that are better than others, and there are some that may start out great but then lose quality over time. If you’re wondering whether it is time to hang up on your current live call answering service and call on a new one, here are three signs that it may be time to switch.

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1. You’ve Been Getting Poor Reports from Customers

If you’ve been in business any length of time, you know that some customers are hard to please. But if you’re getting several reports from your customers that they did not have a positive experience calling your business, then consider it a red flag.

Complaints such as long on-hold times, being given the wrong information, or simply being treated in a way that wasn’t courteous and respectful should be taken seriously. If you wouldn’t tolerate a certain behaviour from your employees, then you shouldn’t tolerate it from your live answering service.

2. They don’t Offer 24 Hour Answering Service

If you are not getting 24/7 service from your call answering company, then you are missing out on one of the biggest advantages of having a live answering service.

Customers today are used to getting an immediate response whether they are surfing the web or calling a local business. The fact is, that if a customer calls after hours and doesn’t get their call answered they will likely call your competition rather than waiting for your office to open the next day.

There are all kinds of ways that a call answering service can be helping your customers after hours including providing general information, taking payments, scheduling appointments, and transferring emergency calls to the appropriate person.

3. Lack of Service

Your live answering service is responsible not only for providing good customer service to your customers, but it should also be providing good customer service to you.

If you are having trouble getting through to your service, or are having technical or billing issues that are not being resolved in a prompt and efficient manner then you will end up wasting a lot of time that could have been better spent working on your business.

As a business owner, you know the importance of getting the best value for your dollar – but you won’t be getting that from a live call answering company that is providing poor service.

If you are looking to switch your live answering service, then it’s important to find a company that is going to treat your customers with respect and provide them with a high level of service. These days, working with a company that provides a 24 hour answering service is a must. And finally, you want to know that you as a customer are getting the attention and accuracy you deserve.

At TOUCH Communications, we consider ourselves an extension of your business. Providing a 24 hour answering service, our staff consisting of smart and professional individuals provide a seamless experience for your customers with the same care they have come to expect from you. So, if you’re ready to switch providers contact us today and our team of experts will help you get started.

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