Kickstart Your Fundraising Campaign with Live Call Answering

Fundraising is a huge component of any charitable or not-for-profit organization, but with so many deserving causes out there, the competition for dollars can be pretty fierce. Furthermore, people are – rightly – increasingly more cautious about which fundraising efforts they support. So how can you have a successful fundraising campaign? It helps to have an edge – and live call answering might just be the edge that your organization needs.

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Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why you might want to incorporate live call answering into your next fundraising initiative:

Professional Representation

If you’re asking people to donate their hard earned money, enter a raffle or purchase a ticket for an upcoming dinner dance and silent auction, it stands to reason that you will have better success if you have professional customer service representatives standing by to answer their calls.

Don’t get us wrong, volunteers are essential to your organization but when dealing with the public – however it’s difficult to stretch volunteers to cover every hour someone might call.  Plus, you may have to rent office space for this, purchase landline phones, or rely on cellphones, all which have their own disadvantages.  With live call answering, we always have a professional who will represent your organization’s brand according to your specific instructions.

27/7 Service

Day or night, if someone has an inquiry about your fundraising campaign, there will always be someone on the phone to assist them.  Using a live call answering service such as Touch Communications means that you’re always open for business meaning, you can enjoy your free time rather than being tied to the phone.  Reaching a live contact vs an answering machine, also helps put the caller at ease.

Free up your volunteers

Volunteering to help a worthy cause can be an incredibly rewarding experience, however, having them answer phones may distract them from other tasks. With Touch Communications, our services will free up your volunteer’s time, allowing you to make better use of your volunteers.  This may include tasks such as canvasing, putting together fundraising packages, or helping set up events.

If you are running a fundraising campaign for your organization, there are many good reasons to enlist the help of a company such as Touch Communications. Give us a call today and see what when can do for you.

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